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  • By: Darien Tan
  • Aug 23, 2023

Lazada Group Releases Annual ESG Impact Report, Highlights Commitment to Sustainability

Lazada Group released its annual Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) Impact Report, which provides more information on the progress of the company’s commitment to leverage eCommerce as a force for good, based on four core pillars under its ESG framework that were unveiled last year.


Titled “Enriching Lives, Emerging Stronger”, the report highlights various achievements and progress of the company’s ESG efforts during the reporting period of 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023. Notably, since the introduction of a baseline carbon inventory to identify key sources of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission across Lazada’s operations in 2022, the company has reduced its overall GHG emissions by 10%, compared to the last reporting period.


“For more than a decade, Lazada has been accelerating progress in Southeast Asia through commerce and technology. With our second ESG Impact Report, I am proud to share progress that we have made and am confident that we can achieve even more together,” said Lazada Group Chief Executive Officer James Dong.


Lazada’s commitment to positively impact the local communities that it operates in is evident across all four key pillars. For example, under its future-ready workforce umbrella, Lazada highlights the company’s efforts to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment for employees. The company employs over 32 nationalities across the markets, with women making up 44% of its workforce.


The effective governance pillar underscores the company’s governance structure, which prioritizes responsible business practices, safeguarding data privacy and intellectual property rights. During the reporting period, Lazada achieved zero substantiated complaints concerning breaches of customer privacy or losses of customer data across its operations.

Gladys Chun, general counsel of Lazada Group, highlighted the encouraging results and achievements the company has witnessed since the launch of Lazada’s first ESG Impact Report last year.


“This is a clear testament to our commitment and our long-term view of the sustainable development of not only Lazada, but the wider digital commerce industry. Addressing ESG issues is not just about doing the right thing. It is also building the necessary foundation for organizations to properly manage risk and opportunities, to enable stronger and resilient businesses in the long run,” Chun said.


“As we look ahead to the next phase of growth, we are cognizant that sustainability will continue to be our guiding principle. Sustainable development is not only a responsibility, but also an opportunity and commitment to the future. By working together, we can enrich the lives of all participants in the digital economy and build toward a resilient and sustainable future,” Dong added.

Read the full FY23 Lazada ESG Impact Report: Enriching Lives, Emerging Stronger. 

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