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  • By: LazBeat Staff
  • Feb 22, 2023

LazBeat News Roundup: Gabbi Garcia Becomes LazBeauty’s First Brand Ambassador in the Philippines

The LazBeat News Roundup is a quick take on the latest happenings at Lazada Group and in the wider regional digital commerce landscape. Highlights from this week’s roundup include LazBeauty’s first brand ambassador in the Philippines, emergency relief efforts in Turkey and Lazada Singapore’s partnership with the Chingay Parade.


LazBeauty Introduces First Brand Ambassador in the Philippines

Gabbi Garcia, one of the most influential performers and content creators in the Philippines, was recently named the new face of LazBeauty. Known for her authenticity and confidence, Garcia embodies LazBeauty’s goal of redefining beauty standards by offering customers access to a wide assortment of high-quality and trendy products in one destination. In addition to announcing Garcia as its brand ambassador, the platform also unveiled its first interactive LazBeautyRoom at the SM Mega Fashion Hall in Manila.

Lazada Supports Earthquake-Relief Efforts in Turkey

Lazada has been working with Turkey-based eCommerce company Trendyol Group to support disaster-relief efforts in the country. Through a dedicated online channel, the global community can donate funds or essential items directly to trusted NGOs and support authorized earthquake-relief activities on the ground. To make it easier for members of the public to contribute to ongoing relief efforts in Turkey, Lazada has also created banners across its websites and apps that direct users to Trendyol’s donation channel.

Lazada Singapore Continues Its Support of Chingay Parade 2023

Lazada Singapore has partnered once again with Chingay Parade. This marks the third consecutive year that Lazada Singapore has been the official eCommerce partner of the street event, which is held annually as part of Singapore’s Lunar New Year celebrations. As part of the partnership, Lazada Singapore has created a dedicated Chingay Mama Shop to showcase products from local sellers and designers. The store will run until 31 March, and a portion of the proceeds will go to local charities.

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