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  • By: Trong Phan
  • Jun 30, 2022

Lazada Vietnam’s Reality Show Shines Spotlight on Key Opinion Consumers

Pham Thi Phuong Thao didn’t plan on becoming an influencer. She only started doing online product reviews on the side after facing some uncertainties with her full-time job. Her reviews became a hit, thanks to her creativity and ability to connect with her audience, and she’s since decided to pursue this career path professionally, having amassed more than 54,600 followers on TikTok.


Pham, also known as Pu Met 7, was one of the many talented influencers to compete in Lazada Vietnam’s recent “KOC Vietnam 2022.” The reality show and online competition was launched to identify and develop the next generation of Key Opinion Consumers. KOCs, as they’re often referred to, are influential content creators who leverage social media platforms to share their reviews of products with their followers.


Developed in collaboration with VCCorp, a leading internet and broadcast network in the country, “KOC Vietnam 2022” offered prizes as well as exposure for young and aspiring influencers to pursue their career paths. The contest was aired on the YouTube and Facebook pages of VCCorp’s Kenh14 news site as well as on LazLive – Lazada’s livestreaming feature – and the social channels of VCCorp’s partners.

More than 3,000 content creators from across the country applied for the competition within the four-month registration period. The top 18 were selected to compete on the show, where they were tested on their storytelling skills and their creativity when reviewing different products. In the finale, the competitors drew on all their skills and the feedback they received from previous rounds to host a livestream session on LazLive. Not only were they judged on the viewership numbers of their sessions, but also on the number of orders that buyers placed. 


Impressing the judges with her enthusiasm and enterprising skills, Pham was one of the most outstanding contestants on the show. Not only was she able to engage with the audience during her livestream, throughout the competition, she was able to transform and adapt her style to promote different products and activities, changing from a sporty girl with a fashionable crop top to a mom sharing tips on how to keep children safe while at an indoor playground.


 Chu Minh Duc aka Chua Te Ri Veu, an experienced content creator and media professional who used to host influencer training courses, and the charismatic emcee-turned-TikToker Hoang Viet also won praise from judges for their creativity and livestream productions. Together with Pham, these breakout stars were awarded special prizes from Lazada Vietnam with a total value of close to VND2 billion (USD86,000) as well as ongoing exposure opportunities from Lazada and support from the eCommerce giant to refine their content and production skills. A prize worth VND1 billion, meanwhile, was also awarded to Call Me Duy, a talented influencer known for his beauty and fashion content.

“For me, the most important thing is not what prizes I won but the opportunity and exposure I got from participating in ‘KOC Vietnam,’” Pham said. “I believe that my experience at the contest as well as Lazada’s support will help me achieve my goals as a content creator. I look forward to receiving more guidance from the Lazada team to build up my professional image and personal brand. I am extremely excited and can’t wait for my next opportunity to work with Lazada!”


For Chu, the competition was not just a chance for him to advance his own career but also an opportunity to shine the spotlight on the entire KOC community. “‘KOC Vietnam’ has helped me greatly in improving my personal image. I hope to continue working with Lazada and other brands, and to share what I have learned from the competition with other content creators through my training classes,” he said. “The KOC industry in Vietnam is still young, and I believe that my contribution will help the industry grow to its full potential.”


Watch reruns of “KOC Vietnam 2022” here.

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