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  • By: LazBeat Staff
  • Oct 14, 2021

Lazada Thailand Launches Pop Idol Competition

Lazada is on the lookout for Thailand’s next entertainment sensation. On Oct. 9, the eCommerce platform kicked off the first episode of LAZ iCON, a first-of-its-kind talent competition where viewers can cheer and vote for their favourite future boy band members.

Produced in partnership with Thailand’s top broadcasting station, One 31, LAZ iCON is a chance for young and aspiring Thai talents to pursue their dreams of pop stardom. A total of 35 male contestants were selected from preliminary auditions. Over the course of the next three months, they will showcase their singing and dancing skills to viewers and an expert judging panel featuring Thai pop icons Da Endorphine, Chin Chinawut and Ohm Cocktail. The final five contestants will become LAZ iCON’s winning boy band. Not only will they become the first pop group in Thailand to debut as Lazada’s Brand Ambassadors, they’ll also sign on as artistes with One 31.

LAZ iCON is the latest example of Lazada’s wildly successful “shoppertainment” strategy. The platform has long been seen as a leader in fusing retail with entertainment to create highly immersive, engaging and memorable experiences for consumers. On a day-to-day basis, Lazada’s in-app livestreaming feature, LazLive, offers a treasure trove of engaging content for consumers to binge while they buy. Meanwhile, campaigns such as 11.11 and 12.12 have become large-scale celebrations that feature A-list celebrities and interactive games alongside incredible sales and promotions.

Bringing this same level of fun and interaction to LAZ iCON, Lazada will give viewers the chance to not only watch the exciting reality show unfold every week but to also vote for their favourite contestants via LazLive and complete various missions to earn extra votes.

“LAZ iCON will appeal to a young audience and enhance our shoppers’ experiences through innovative features on the Lazada platform. Besides being a key initiative in our Shoppertainment strategy, LAZ iCON can become a platform for our youths to turn their dreams into reality,” said Munthana Lorgrailers , the chief marketing officer of Lazada Thailand. “We will be engaging our audiences through a variety of interactive activities and weekly challenges on both Lazada and One 31. We believe this unique partnership and programme can become the ‘the next big thing’ that will excite Thai shoppers and kick-start a trend in the eCommerce industry.”

WATCH: LAZ iCON promo clip

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