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  • By: Nadira Syarafana Zulkifly and Chiah Siow Yen
  • Oct 13, 2022

Humans of Lazada: A Rhythmic Balance of Passion and Career

Our “Humans of Lazada” series takes a look at the professional and personal lives of more than 9,000 people who work at Lazada. Click here for more stories from this series.


“At Lazada, I am the go-to person to solve problems for sellers. I listen to their feedback and find solutions to their queries. Sometimes I refer to myself as the ‘seller therapist.’ I put my heart and soul into my work, which involves balancing platform goals and seller voices with various social content and community events. In other words, I help break the barrier between Lazada and sellers to foster a close-knit relationship.


Then, when the night falls and the beat drops, I put down my suits and ties and transform into another personality – a DJ. This started as a hobby but has turned into a massive passion. Under my DJ name, JoBro, I’ve done small gigs and events. It’s a part-time hustle I love doing.


My interest in DJ-ing started in high school, when I began exploring different genres of electronic dance music (EDM) on YouTube with my friends. I became a diehard fan and couldn’t stop listening to the same songs which were stuck with me for days.


In university, I was part of the event management team for a rave party, where I was also the emcee. This event evolved my interest in EDM, prompting me to pursue my interest even more in this genre. Not long after, I started looping my brother into the scene. In October 2015, we had our debut show at a university event, and the turnout was unexpectedly amazing.


This DJ venture has brought me closer than ever to my brother. We complement each other, as he is more into the technique and flow, while my forte is in song arrangement and presentation, which includes appealing visuals for the crowd.


We’ve expanded our music library over time. Any song or beat that I find good or trendy will automatically be captured in my mind and bookmarked instantly. After about an hour of analyzing the song and finding the best parts to cue point (mark) the music, I will then start mixing the track. One to two weeks before any show, I’ll choose the best songs to match with the theme of the night, and I’ll practice them over and over.

DJ-ing is not simply about creating mixes or sounds. Showmanship, professionalism and a whole lot of passion are needed for the music you play. These are the same attributes needed in your daily work and life.


My mind can sometimes get fogged by work. Having another passion allows me to take a break and feel inspired. This helps me turn out fresh ideas for new songs and mix flows for my spinning gigs. At the same time, it also makes me feel more alive when I’m back at work.


DJ-ing is a reflection of all things in life. Being able to capture your audience is crucial to a valuable first impression, while investing time and effort is needed to achieve remarkable results.”


Joseph Koay, 29, is a seller community manager in the seller engagement team at Lazada Malaysia.

Compiled and prepared by Nadira Syarafana Zulkifly and Chiah Siow Yen from the Lazada communications team in Malaysia.

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