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  • By: Nadira Syarafana Zulkifly
  • May 12, 2023

Prayer Wear Brand Siti Khadijah Keeps the Faith with Lazada

Named after Prophet Muhammad’s wife, garment brand Siti Khadijah was created with the vision of helping Muslim women feel their best when they conduct their spiritual activities.  


The brand was founded by Padzilah Enda Sulaiman in 2009 and specializes in telekung, a prayer garment that consists of a loose knee-length top and a long skirt or sarong. The garment is designed to cover everything except for the face and the palms and is often made with plain, simple and functional materials that are not the most comfortable or fitting.


With the belief that every woman deserves a high-quality and comfortable prayer outfit, Siti Khadijah set out to rethink the traditional telekung. Not only did the brand introduce new materials, it also developed and patented a special feature that makes its telekung comfortable for any face shape and size.


“We believe that every woman deserves a comfortable prayer outfit that fits well and is of good quality. We also wanted to offer our pieces at a fair price and have created our prayer wear using feedback from customers,” said Mohammad Mukhlis Aminuddin, CEO of Siti Khadijah and the son of Padzilah.


To expand into the digital space, the company launched its own website in 2015 and opened its first official online store on Lazada in 2017. The company’s growth has skyrocketed since then; not only does Siti Khadijah now boast a workforce of over 400 employees, it also operates 40 boutiques across Malaysia and Indonesia. 


While the company had to close its physical stores during the COVID-19 lockdowns, it continued to serve its customers online. During Lazada’s Birthday Campaign in 2020, Siti Khadijah even produced a product exclusively for the platform and achieved a new record of selling 1,000 pieces of prayer wear in just two days.  


“Lazada is an online partner that has been very helpful to our business and has provided a lot of benefits to us as a brand,” said Aminuddin. “Because of Lazada, we’ve become increasingly popular in the online space and all our products are now easily accessible and available to everyone.”


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