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  • By: Jinnie Nguyen
  • Mar 16, 2022

LEGO Builds Up ECommerce Innovation with LazMall

LEGO has been inspiring children and adults alike and sparking off ideas for generations. Since it was founded in 1932 in a carpenter’s workshop in the small community of Billund in Denmark, the company has evolved into a global enterprise that is now one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world. 

With the advent of the digital era, LEGO has stayed on top of its game by continuously investing in innovative ways to blend the power of physical play with the online realm. And over the last few years, the company has been upgrading its retail ecosystem and creating unique online brand experiences for consumers, including through a partnership with LazMall, Southeast Asia’s largest virtual mall. 

Building an Omnichannel Strategy with LazMall

“In the last two or three years, we have stepped up investments in Southeast Asia to drive long-term growth by reinforcing the value of play, building the LEGO brand and innovating our retail ecosystem while having a positive impact on society,” said César Ridruejo, the general manager of The LEGO Group Southeast Asia. “We are experiencing a tremendous change of environment in the channel landscape, and digitalization is transforming the path to purchase for consumers. In this environment, we are trying to lean into these new opportunities to provide a seamless omnichannel shopper experience.”

LazMall, Ridruejo explained, is a major part of LEGO’s omnichannel retail strategy to capture this shift in consumers’ purchase habits and journeys.

LEGO has been working closely with LazMall since launching its flagship store on the eCommerce channel in Indonesia in 2015. Aside from recreating its in-store experiences online, it’s also tapped platform tools, including livestreaming, ratings, videos and gamification features, to share the benefits of LEGO products and elevate the retail experience for kids and families.

LEGO’s First Regional Super Brand Day on LazMall 

During a 24-hour homepage takeover of the Lazada app, the toymaker brought to life its LEGO City series via an immersive gamification tool it developed with the eCommerce platform. Called the LEGO City Builder tool, this innovation showcased a wide range of products, including buildings, cars and road plates – all adapted from real-life LEGO sets.


The tool gives shoppers full creative autonomy to design their very own virtual LEGO City, allowing them to do everything from picking their LEGO City buildings to deciding where to build roads. Shoppers are then able watch the universes they built come to life, learn more about the products they’ve personally selected and purchase them with just a click of a button.


On top of developing the LEGO City Builder gamification tool, the brand’s extensive outreach plans on LazMall have also included livestreams, media and influencer engagement. LazMall’s tools, technology and support have made it a crucial part of LEGO’s eCommerce strategy and has translated into massive success for the toy company. In fact, the brand has been consistently ranking number one in the toys and games category during mega campaigns, including last year’s 11.11 and 12.12, across Southeast Asia.


According to U-Fong Chua, LEGO Southeast Asia’s head of eCommerce, the LazMall Super Brand Day was “a creative way to allow for a seamless and engaging path to purchase from product discovery to creating a virtual LEGO universe online to finally getting the products delivered to children’s hands.” He added, “Super Brand Day allows us to present LEGO City, which is close to many of our hearts who grew up playing with LEGO sets, in a very creative and engaging way. We want to disrupt the shopping behavior by injecting a bit of fun into the online experience and building a better understanding of our product assortment.”


Through this partnership with LazMall, Chua said, the LEGO Group aims to continue to do what it’s always done: tell its story through innovation. “You’ve got to find the right formula with your eCommerce partner to make it work for your brand while honoring its story and uniqueness.”

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