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PiliPino by Lazada
  • By: LazBeat Staff
  • Dec 13, 2023

Lazada Celebrates Filipino Goods and Brands with New Campaign

Lazada Philippines recently introduced a new initiative that champions local products, businesses and entrepreneurs. Aimed to help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises at all stages of the eCommerce journey, the PiliPino by Lazada program offers support ranging from mentorship for aspiring sellers to the creation of growth opportunities for onboarded businesses.

Lazada marked the launch of PiliPino by organizing a special event with women empowerment and advocacy agency She Talks Asia. Titled “She Talks Conversations,” the event invited successful female entrepreneurs to share stories and exchange insights as a way to celebrate local voices. Aside from navigating the ups and downs of their entrepreneurial careers while balancing their personal lives, many of the women who attended the event are also positive change-makers in their local communities.

For example, Lorina Tan, founder of baby-care brand Tiny Buds, talked about her Drops of Hope project, which builds sustainable water fillers for children in the Philippines who don’t have ready access to clean water. Meanwhile, Evan Maderazo of footwear brand Sundals discussed her “Localpreneurs” platform, which empowers small startups and local businesses while also keeping local communities in mind. Apple Caballes-Suntay of Storage Solutions and Michelle So of Blithe were also among those who shared inspiring stories about their entrepreneurial journeys.

Aside from the She Talks Conversations, the PiliPino program also includes a microsite dedicated to Filipino-made products as well as a mentorship program that is being piloted in key areas across the country.

“PiliPino by Lazada is our umbrella campaign for ‘choosing Filipino’ as our social responsibility. This is inspired by the intention of mentoring and empowering Filipino entrepreneurs, elevating homegrown businesses and promoting sustainability,” said Pauline Castro, head of traffic strategy and product operations at Lazada Philippines. “Through PiliPino by Lazada, we aim to create an ecosystem that drives growth and positive change in our local communities.”

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