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  • By: Gerald Koh and Edwin Koh
  • Apr 14, 2022

Lazada Learning Festival 2022 Highlights Key Themes Driving the Digital Economy

The Lazada Learning Festival, the biggest learning festival in Southeast Asia, returned for its second edition earlier this season. Focusing on three big themes driving the digital economy – transformative digital economy, technology and innovation, and inclusive leadership – the three-day virtual event featured keynotes and workshops with hands-on experience and saw more than 6,000 attendees from 26 countries and over 40,000 online views.


The program for each day was packed with global speakers and experts who covered key trends and topics shaping the digital and eCommerce landscape. Participants also got a chance to visit virtual booths hosted by LazInsider, Lazada University and Lazada’s brand partners.


Unlike the first edition, which was exclusive to Lazada employees and sellers, this year’s festival was the first to be made available to all members of the public. As such, the sessions and content were specially curated to appeal to and enrich a diverse audience, regardless of their background and professional experience.


“By making the event accessible to everyone, we wanted to expand our scope beyond the digital commerce industry. We looked at the impact of the eCommerce industry and the digital economy on the way we live and work, and the vast potential that the industry has to transform the future economy,” said Brian Liu, senior vice president and group head of learning and organization development at Lazada Group. “The result is a comprehensive learning festival that brought together leading experts and speakers from across the world, who delivered exciting, engaging and educational content to our audience,” Liu added.


Key highlights from the learning festival include a speaking session by motivational speaker Ron Kaufman. The New York Times’ best-selling author of “Uplifting Service” talked about how leaders can redefine customer service, build a world-class service culture and integrate this mindset into a firm’s purpose. There were also sharing sessions from industry experts like Alexandra Vogler, the senior brand director and chief marketing officer for eCommerce business, Asia, Middle East and Africa at Procter and Gamble; David Chua, chief executive officer of National Youth Council Singapore; and others.


“With the Lazada Learning Festival, we want to equip and energize our staff, brands, partners, sellers and youths with educational and insightful content,” said Liu. “We are heartened by the positive reception from our participants at this year’s festival, and we look forward to creating an even bigger and more impactful learning experience next year.”


For a recap of Lazada Learning Festival 2022 and to receive future updates about the event, head on to 

Gerald Koh is the senior manager of regional learning and development, and Edwin Koh is the vice president for organization and talent development at Lazada Group.

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