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  • By: LazBeat Staff
  • Jun 30, 2022

Lazada Launches LazLive+, Cements Status as Lifestyle Destination

Lazada last week reaffirmed its status as a lifestyle destination by introducing its new brand proposition, “Add to Cart. Add to Life.”, in addition to rolling out a new interactive content series, LazLive+.


The move reflects eCommerce’s increasingly prominent role in the daily lives of consumers across Southeast Asia. According to a recent study by Lazada Group in partnership with Milieu Insight, 86% of consumers in the region said they made online purchases at least once a month. And with digital commerce becoming an ingrained habit, Lazada is leading the way not just as a digital marketplace for functional purchases but rather as a one-stop destination where consumers can be entertained, engaged and enlightened while they shop.


“As Southeast Asians continue to add to cart, we want to be that bridge that connects our customers to opportunities that add to life. For us, it’s not just about buying a pan; it’s about owning a pan to add amazing flavors to a delicious meal for loved ones. Likewise, it’s not just about buying a skipping rope; it’s about adding fitness and health to one’s daily routine,” said Marcus Chew, chief marketing officer of Lazada Group. “Whether it’s a new hobby, honing a skill, creating a more comfortable home or a new look with a style makeover, every product on Lazada has the potential to be the launchpad for enhancing abilities and value-adding to our consumers’ lives.”

To turn every shopping experience into a memorable opportunity for consumers to enrich their lives, the newly launched LazLive+ series features a wide range of fun and informative content, including cooking demonstrations, trending recommendations and tips on everything from beauty to gaming. Exclusive deals are also available to make shopping on Lazada all the more rewarding. In addition, content on LazLive+ is curated to the tastes and needs of the different markets that the company operates in, with many shows and episodes hosted by popular local influencers, including Yulita Intan Sari, Natasha Wilona and Dyland Pros from Indonesia; Sherson Lian, Tasnim Shah, Jaasuzuran and Jordan Yeoh from Malaysia; Erwan Heussaff, Solenn Heussaff-Bolzico and Alodia Gosiengfiao from Philippines; Aiken Matthew Chia, Andrea Chong, Derek Cheong, Mong Chin Yeoh and Tiong Jia En from Singapore; Alek Teeradetch, Cris Horwang and Cutto Arom from Thailand; and Tran Thanh, Thuy Tien and Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc from Vietnam.


Lazada’s new brand proposition and the rollout of LazLive+ are the latest steps in its ongoing efforts to create eCommerce experiences that go above and beyond the transactional aspect. The platform has long been a pioneer of the shoppertainment trend and has introduced features such as livestreaming, games and even star-studded Super Shows to engage consumers. The company has also launched a series of omnichannel campaigns in recent months that combine immersive, in-person shopping with the conveniences of online retail.

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