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  • By: Rani Wisnuwardani
  • Feb 14, 2022

Lazada Indonesia Launches Initiative to Strengthen Digital Economy in West Java

Committed to supporting those who play a critical role on the frontline of Indonesia’s economic recovery, Lazada last month launched a kick-off event for its Gerakan Akselerasi Karya Rakyat Digital Indonesia for West Java initiative. A collaboration with the government, the program – also known as Gerakan AKAR – aims to empower the nation’s digital economy heroes, which include local businesses, consumers, logistics workers and many others in the digital economy ecosystem.


The event was held at Lazada’s warehouse in Bandung Regency, West Java, and was marked by a visit by the province’s governor, Ridwan Kamil.


“In the last two years, West Java’s digital economy has increased by 60%,” Ridwan said. “Both the wider eCommerce industry and society need to collaborate to grow the digital economy in the country. As a provincial government, we strongly support the Gerakan AKAR initiative as there are still 4 million MSMEs out of a total of 5.5 million that haven’t yet undergone digital transformation.” 


Ridwan tried his hand at being a Lazada frontliner during the event. Donning a Lazada Logistics uniform and riding on an electric motorbike, he delivered a package from Lazada’s warehouse to a customer living in Batununggal. The gesture showed the governor’s support of Gerakan AKAR and also proved a pleasant surprise for the customer, who never imagined that the governor himself would deliver her package.

Following its support for the government’s import-substitution program last year to help local businesses, Lazada has been collaborating with various ministries this year to implement Gerakan AKAR. The company aims to continue expanding this initiative in several strategic cities in Indonesia, with West Java as the first strategic destination.


“Gerakan AKAR Digital Indonesia for West Java is the continuation of our collaboration with the government to support all digital economy heroes in the ecosystem and to accelerate economic growth in Indonesia. Through the initiative, we will focus on increasing eCommerce literacy, increasing MSMEs’ competitiveness and developing digital economic infrastructure, especially in the logistics system. This is in line with our mission to accelerate progress in Indonesia through commerce and technology,” said Ferry Kusnowo, the executive director of Lazada Indonesia.


Several consumer education initiatives will also be rolled out to increase Indonesians’ eCommerce literacy. Other initiatives include MSME trainings that aim to improve understanding of digital commerce and to encourage digital transformation for growth; the establishment of community-based Lazada Club in West Java to increase MSME competitiveness; and an intensive onboarding and mentoring program for MSMEs who join Lazada. Meanwhile, to improve digital economy infrastructure, Lazada is also expanding its digital network, starting from strengthening the Lazada Logistics network in target regions.


“The support from the governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, and the West Java Provincial Government will help us drive the momentum of Gerakan AKAR Digital Indonesia forward, setting the stage for further penetration across Indonesia in order to build an inclusive digital economy in the country,” Ferry concluded.

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