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  • By: James Chang
  • May 18, 2023

Lazada CBO James Chang on Brand Protection and Value Creation

To mark Lazada Group’s 2022 intellectual property rights report, Chief Business Officer James Chang published an open letter to thank LazMall’s business partners and to share more details about its brand-protection efforts and growth strategies. Read the letter below:

First off, I would like to extend a big thank you for your continued support and partnership with LazMall. For the last 11 years, Lazada has been accelerating progress in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam through commerce and technology and we couldn’t have done so without esteemed brand partners such as yourself.

With your help, we have achieved many accomplishments together within just the first quarter of 2023. I’d like to also take this chance to share two areas that underscore our commitment to this journey with you. 

Protecting your brand and safeguarding a trusted eCommerce platform

Trust is essential. We understand that the protection of brands and your intellectual property rights (IPR) forms a strong foundation for the growth of vibrant and innovative enterprises across the region. As we reflect on the past year, Lazada has relentlessly contributed to the fight against counterfeits, improving governance with technology and collaborating closely with government bodies, brands and rights owners, associations and brand representatives. Some notable highlights from our efforts include:

  • In May 2022, Lazada was recognized by the Ministry of Home Affairs in Singapore with the highest safety ratings for our efforts in making the platform trusted and safe. Among the six eCommerce players included in the inaugural Transaction Safety Ratings, we received the highest possible score of four ticks. I’m proud to share that just this month, we received the same ratings for the second year in a row. The rating indicates that we have successfully implemented all safety measures deemed critical by Singapore’s Inter-Ministry Committee on Scams, including measures to ensure user authenticity, secure transactions, loss remediation and the overall effectiveness of our anti-scam efforts.


  • As a leading eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia with one of the most advanced digital infrastructures in the eCommerce landscape, we leverage deep tech and data science to detect and remove fraudulent sellers and buyers from our platform effectively and efficiently. In 2022, our proprietary early detection algorithms improved the accuracy of fraud detection and proactively removed more than 96% of suspected counterfeit listings before the first sale, protecting shoppers and brands.


  • Recognizing the need for collaboration and coordination on online IPR protection issues between brands and eCommerce platforms, we led the formation of the Southeast Asia ECommerce Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group (SeCA) in September 2022. SeCA is the first consortium of its kind in the region that is dedicated to share best practices for IPR protection policies, programs, tools and resources offered by platforms to support brands in their efforts to manage and deter IPR-infringing activities. It also serves as an accessible repository to educate the public on IPR protection matters online. 

If you are interested to know more about our efforts to protect and safeguard a trusted online shopping environment for shoppers and brands, please visit

Creating value for your brand by investing in technology and consumer insights 

Over the last few years, we saw accelerated consumer adoption of eCommerce, which resulted in evolved buyer expectations and more dynamic online shopping journeys. Buyers have so many ways to discover and shop for products. In a recent study, we found that more than half of Southeast Asian consumers search for and discover products directly on eCommerce marketplace platforms like Lazada. The same study also found that search-led discovery and product recommendations significantly aid shoppers in the decision-making process, with 94% of shoppers purchasing the products they found through search on Lazada. 

So what does this mean to brand partners and sellers? You now have more opportunities to leverage Lazada to build mindshare, engage the right audience and accelerate your growth in the eCommerce space. One of the ways that we want to support you in achieving this is through our enhanced suite of Lazada Sponsored Solutions, which include new tools like Sponsored Discovery to match brands with the most relevant shoppers. As consumer demand for differentiated retail experiences grow, LazMall remains a key offering that Lazada will continue to invest in for brands to uplift customer experience, engagement and retention.

For the last 11 years, we have been constantly exploring new services and solutions to personalize experiences and create greater value for our consumers while empowering brands to achieve long-term and sustainable growth through technology-optimized features supported by a strong and resilient infrastructure and robust support programs. We remain committed to protecting your brand and continuing to collaborate with you to build a sustainable ecosystem for the long run, so that together we can provide our customers with an eCommerce platform they can trust. 

Lazada is in a very good position to grow with all our brands, and we look forward to working and growing together with you through many more decades of partnership!

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