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  • By: Logan Liu
  • May 30, 2022

How Tech Investments Fuel ECommerce Growth

When Alibaba Group increased its investments in Lazada in 2017, it committed to bringing its rich experience and technology capabilities to the leading eCommerce destination in Southeast Asia. From the very start, it poured resources into reconstructing, upgrading and integrating Lazada’s platform and infrastructure technology into Alibaba’s greater digital ecosystem. Since then, the company has also completed its system upgrade based on Alibaba Cloud, the technology backbone of Alibaba.


Leveraging the capabilities and know-how of Alibaba’s robust digital infrastructure, Lazada’s research and development team has helped improve the company’s overall operational efficiency over the years, resulting in better, more responsive and more stable user experiences for both sellers and consumers. For example, it now takes less than two seconds on average for content to load upon the launch of the Lazada app.


In addition, Lazada has consistently innovated in the space of shoppertainment, a trend it pioneered that turns online shopping into a fun, immersive and highly engaging experience. Backed by its robust digital infrastructure, Lazada is able to deliver seamless and engaging content across its platform for consumers. For example, when consumers shop on Lazada, they can watch livestreams and play games while simultaneously using cross-store reductions and category vouchers on the app.


Meanwhile, for merchants, Lazada provides a full range of technology-enabled tools and solutions to help them easily join the platform, scale up and improve their operating efficiency. With interlinked data and a multifunctional seller workbench, the integrated seller system enables merchants to conveniently run their businesses from offline to online and provides product-based capabilities and data analysis models to shepherd their growth and digitalization.


Take mega campaigns such as 11.11 and 12.12 for example. In the past, merchants would have to deploy a lot of effort and manpower to prepare for these events. Nowadays, many of the work that used to be handled manually, such as product selection, pricing and traffic classification, can be facilitated by Lazada’s intelligent algorithms and automated functions. As a result, merchants are able to focus more on refining their business strategies and enhancing their operations.


Lazada’s investments in technology have been instrumental in helping the company set the stage for its long-term growth. In March, the company hit a milestone of having 1 million active sellers every month on its platform. With its vast and robust digital capabilities, the company’s vision is no longer just to create an eCommerce marketplace but to accelerate the pace of growth in Southeast Asia.

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