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  • By: Chandana Sunder & Belicia Lim
  • Jun 16, 2022

How Brands and Sellers Can Supercharge Their Growth With Lazada’s Sponsored Solutions

As eCommerce becomes increasingly intertwined with the daily lives of consumers in Southeast Asia, it’s become more important than ever for brands and sellers to use innovative marketing solutions to stand out from the competition and capture shoppers’ attention.


This is especially important given that people are spending more time searching for what they intend to buy on eCommerce platforms, according to a study by Facebook and Bain. As a result, brands and sellers are also increasingly looking to tap into eCommerce platforms as key media channels and leverage sponsored solutions on these platforms, such as by bidding for marketing spaces both in-app and externally through the platforms’ affiliate networks. Brands can also leverage sponsored solutions to access a wider breadth of shopper insights to maximize and optimize the impact of their exposure.

The impact of leveraging these targeted channels and solutions is evident. For example, brands and sellers in the past year that leveraged Lazada Sponsored Solutions powered by SMART, saw returns in the range of eight to 10 times their investments. They also saw 48% more growth than those that did not use these features. ‘SMART’ was coined after Lazada Sponsored Solutions’ dedication to help brands and sellers increase sales, attain measurable insights, access AI-Powered and auto features, achieve strong ROI and sharper targeting.

Built off the proven technology from Alibaba, Lazada Sponsored Solutions is a comprehensive suite of paid visibility tools along the shopper’s purchasing path that help drive effective exposure and conversion for brands and sellers. In fact, SMART campaigns have seen an adoption rate of more than 70% in Southeast Asia among brands and sellers.


Advantages of leveraging sponsored solutions, like Sponsored Discovery, on Lazada include the ability to cut down time and resources needed to manually decide on bidding, placements, product and keyword selections, creative improvements and payment top-ups – as a result of built-in automation capabilities.

Brands and sellers can also take advantage of Lazada’s SMART automation capabilities to drive campaigns, product selection and campaign top-up, improving the effectiveness, efficiency and convenience of their campaigns.

“Brand owners like us are always on a hunt to streamline the number of campaigns and optimize our budgets. Automation capabilities available on Lazada Sponsored Solutions have not only allowed us to achieve this but also enabled us to conduct even more experiments to optimize our engagement strategies as well,” Suchaya Chotichurangkul, campaign performance manager of Philips Home Appliances Thailand, said.


As of 2021, almost 400,000 brands and sellers have embraced Lazada Sponsored Solutions and reaped immense success. And this is only the beginning. Innovations to these sponsored solutions will continue based on evolving customer objectives. For businesses and brands, understanding the promise of retail media and the solutions available on eCommerce platforms such as Lazada will be key for greater growth in an increasingly digitalized future.


“We’re empowering our brands and sellers on Lazada with a smarter, simpler way to scale their eCommerce businesses, and we’ve only just started,” said Moony Li, executive vice president for marketing solutions at Lazada Group. “The future of SMART-powered Sponsored Solutions unlocks immense possibilities for our merchants and we’re dedicated to develop even more features and enhancements to accelerate the growth of their Lazada stores.”

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