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  • By: LazBeat Staff
  • Sep 15, 2020

Behind the Scenes at LazMall: Brands Onboarding

A glimpse at how LazMall empowers and supports brands and sellers, from customised onboarding training to customer support

In the past year, brands and retailers have increasingly migrated online. With the pandemic shifting consumers’ buying habits online, LazMall, Southeast Asia’s largest virtual mall for authentic brands, saw a tripling of the number of brands on the platform. It recently celebrated its two-year anniversary with a fresh look and new features that aims to make shopping more seamless, intuitive and enjoyable.

Since its launch in September 2018, LazMall has grown nine-fold to house more than 18,000 international and local brands across the region. In the quarter ended in June, orders on LazMall more than tripled year-over-year.

With so many brands flocking to LazMall, we want to share a behind-the-scenes look at how new brands and sellers are welcomed on board and set up for success through dedicated customer service support. 

Customised onboarding training: L’Oréal as case study

In June, L’Oréal partnered with Lazada on a successful “Bring Beauty Back” campaign, a three-day marathon event that included livestreaming, games and augmented reality.

To onboard L’Oréal, the Lazada team developed a customised training programme that stretched over several months, with an average of 50 people from L’Oréal’s commercial and operations teams attending each online session.

The module, tailored to L’Oréal’s objectives, teaches everything from the technique of optimising e-shop settings to improving onsite traffic to deciphering buying patterns, spotting trends and catering to customers’ preferences – all in the quest to drive more effective sales conversions. L’Oréal’s team learned how to use the platform’s suite of technology tools, as well as its product management, logistics and payments systems. The brand representatives also had access to additional learning modules on Lazada University’s site, which are localized to each country.

Said Thibault de Saint Victor, L’Oréal’s general manager for eCommerce in Asean: “The beauty of Lazada’s onboarding process and training is that they really equip brands with the tools to effectively engage directly with our customers. They want to be a platform empowering brands to do business. You have access to their tools, technology and training, and you can use the platform that will best help you connect with your customers, such as through livestreams or the instant messaging chat function.”

“We make it as simple as possible for our brands to sign up,” said Jon Chin, regional head of seller growth and engagement at Lazada. “To do that, we apply technology to increase the efficiency of the processes, for example, the use of image recognition software to verify documents that brands and sellers need to submit for authenticity and autofill the fields based on text recognition software. We are also constantly looking at how we can leverage the Alibaba ecosystem to provide novel and unique benefits to new sellers.”

Customer service: LazMall’s Dedicated Partner Support Centre

Lazada provides a dedicated point of contact to support select LazMall sellers on any enquiries concerning the platform: whether it’s a question on how the platform works, or problems related to an order. LazMall sellers will always be served by the same agent. This allows the company to create a stronger partnership as the agent will always be the same to help and support the seller.

From the commercial side, LazMall sellers will be assigned a key account manager to help them plan campaigns and provide them advice on category assortment, for example, on what sells well at what price and keywords to input to generate more visibility.

“This dedicated support differentiates us from our competitors, as it creates a strong connection between LazMall and our brand partners,” said the customer care team’s chief of staff, Sebastien Destenbert. “This allows us to always provide the same point of contact that will know the seller specificities and be able to better support our brands and sellers. Our Dedicated Partner Support Centre is recognised as a superior experience as we do have a better service level and seller satisfaction. We help to resolve queries on a range of topics, such as claims, logistics and order fulfilment.”

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